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SWRL DDH Pale Ale | スワール DDHペール・エール

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SWRL (Swirl) is a pale ale with a large amount of Simcoe used in the dry hopping process. It has a gentle, apple-juice-like taste with low bitterness. This makes it an ideal craft beer for beginners, as it's easy to drink and appreciate. By using minimal kettle hops and a generous amount of Simcoe in dry hopping, the true aroma and flavor of Simcoe are brought out. It pairs well with light dishes and snacks, and is perfect for relaxed drinking sessions and meals.

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品目: 発泡酒
原材料名: 麦芽 (イギリス製造)、ホップ、キヌア (麦芽使用率 50%以上)
内容量: 350ml
使用ホップ: シムコー
アルコール度数: 6.0%
IBU: 30
SRM: 5.5