F&B Business

Thank you for your interest in our craft beer. We strive to provide flexible support for your food and beverage business. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding invoice payments, specified delivery dates, or the contents of our 24-can sets. We also welcome visits and tastings at our brewery from food and beverage establishments. If you happen to be in Hokkaido, we encourage you to stop by Niseko. We can provide information of accommodation facilities and that may not be listed in tourist guides.

Keep Refrigerated

We ship our products by chilled delivery all year round. For keg products, please store them in the refrigerator and always extract them in a chilled state. To preserve the flavor, we do not filter the beer after primary fermentation, so live yeast is included. If stored at room temperature, there is a risk of quality deterioration and dangerous pressure build-up leading to bursting.