About us

Yotei Brewing is a small, family-run brewery operated by us, Mariko and Kosho.

Leaving behind our life in Tokyo, we were captivated by the natural beauty of Niseko and decided to start anew here. While considering various ideas such as remote work, employment in local companies, and managing an Airbnb, we realized that Niseko lacked the kind of craft beer enjoyed around snow resorts abroad. This led us to pursue a simple dream: to create our own beer to enjoy after a day of snowboarding in this beautiful area.

Although we had no direct experience in brewing, our backgrounds in sales, marketing, and engineering were valuable assets. We tackled setting up the brewery and equipment without professional help, doing everything ourselves from painting floors to installing refrigerators, plumbing, and electrical work. For heavy lifting, we relied on our strong friends. We gradually learned the art of brewing through domestic and international books and sometimes YouTube videos.

We don’t own a taproom, but we cherish our connections with local restaurants and bars. Building these relationships has been one of the greatest joys of moving to Niseko. Our beer is still evolving, but we value the process of learning and improvement. If you visit Niseko again, we believe you'll be able to appreciate the evolution of our beer.